Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Nesa Exports?

We follow the international norms so we can able to give our customer the best quality products with easy availability.

  • As an Agro Exporter, we Export 100% Organic Agro products our products for potential buyers around the world.
  • By choosing to Export/Import with us, you can get unlimited opportunities with our products to do businesses around the world.
  • To ensure buyers are protected and easier international transits, Nesa Exports offers full assistance to the customers during a transaction.

Do Nesa Exports ship internationally?

Yes, we work with top-notch Registered shippers and freight forwarders who are standing by to offer best services to ship products, so you can be certain that you are getting the best products for the lowest price.

Who takes care of the paperwork for each international trade transaction?

The buyer and seller will have to complete all the paperwork themselves. However, Nesa Exports will provide 100% customer support and provide important information.

Is Nesa Exports is a Licensed Exporter?

Yes, we are the registered Exporter and we have Hold a business license and proof of production capacity.

How does Nesa Exports ensure the security of International trade transactions?

Efforts have been made to ensure transactions are as fair as possible, which includes safeguards, for the parties involved. By requiring Buyers to pay upfront and verifying the Seller’s shipment, we ensure parties are equally protected.

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