Banana Chips

Brand NESA
Packaging Size 250G,500G,1000G
Flavour Pepper,salt
Packaging Type Packet
Oil Used Refined Oil
Total Fat 0.1
Total Carbohydrate 86.41
Weight 100g
Protein 0.41
Country of Origin Made in India

Banana chips are dried slices of bananas (fruits of herbaceous plants of the genus Musa of the soft, sweet “dessert banana” variety). They can be covered with sugar or honey and have a sweet taste, or they can be fried in oil and spices and have a salty or spicy taste. Banana chips are commonly found in India, Philippines and Indonesia. Banana chips are similar to chifle, usually made from firmer, starchier fruit varieties of the genus Musa commercially called plantains or “cooking bananas” or “Nendran Banana” in India. Fried banana chips are usually produced from under-ripe banana slices deep-fried in sunflower oil or coconut oil. These chips are dry (like potato chips) and can be salted, spiced, sugar coated or jaggery coated. Sometimes banana flavoring is added.

Fried Banana chips, usually made in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and known locally as nenthran-chips, are fried in coconut oil. Both ripe and unripe plantains are used for this variant. Sometimes they are coated with masala or jaggery to form spicy and sweet variants. We Export Best Quality Banana Chips fried using pure Coconut Oil/Checku Oil(Cold pressed Oil).

Nutritional Benefits: Banana chips contain large amounts of saturated fat and higher amounts of key nutrients. There are 2.2 grams of fiber in a 1-ounce serving of banana chips. We deep-fry banana slices to achieve the crunchy texture, and they are high in fat proteins.
Oils we use for Banana chips

  • Pure Coconut Oil
  • Checku Oil(Cold pressed Oil)
  • Sunflower Oil


Additional Information:

  • Item Code: 190190190
  • Production Capacity: 3000 kg/day
  • Delivery Time: any time
  • Packaging Details: We have provided high quality of kerala banana chip with fry with refine oil like sunflower self life more than 30 kanyakumari nentran banana only used .we never used thenkasi and any other district in tamilnadu nentran only used kanyakumari nentran only.
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